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What a season 2019 has been. One with a lot of familiair faces, lots of new faces, beautiful sailing trips, best of weather and plenty of ‘ups’!

Unfortunetly also a year with bad luck and grieve.

Not only did we loose our mast due to an unfortunate accident but we also lost Olafs mom very sudden, so definitely a few deep ‘downs’.

But with a new year there is a new way to coming season

We are very happy to announce that Peter Glas has agreed to make the new side boards for the Waterwolf.

He’s made the ones for the Lotus too and we’re very excited to have a new pair of his hand.


After losing our wooden mast, this will be replaced with one made of steel, as we speak.

In january 2020 the Waterwolf will  be in Harlingen at the shipyard for restoration & maintenance.

Also the interior will be modified slightly and ofcourse there will be plenty of new things to play with on deck!

Will you still recognize her? 🙂

Check our site or Holland Sail, to see if you can hop on, coming season!

See you aboard!