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After a winter full of odd jobs and a complete renovation on board the Waterwolf, we were ready and we were looking forward to it!

Everything inside and outside tight in the paint, new blocks, meters of dyneema and a new roef, it went on to Enkhuizen!

With beautiful weather we received our guests on board the evening of good Friday.

A nice group of individual travelers from the Netherlands and Germany, a few familiar faces, we of course cannot get a bigger compliment!

After around of names and a pleasant evening, where we saluted toa great Easter trip, it was Saturday morning after a delicious breakfast, time for a tour on the deck, with the necessary explanation from our new Sailor!

Together with the group, we mapped out a route, so¬† up with the sails and let’s go!

What a day, sun and wind and how good it was to be on the go again after such a long winter!

Texel became our destination!

After everyone had the chance to take a look around on this beautiful island, dinner was ready, after which the plan for the next day was discussed.

Sunday started again with a bright sun and a nice breeze.

We soon left the harbor of Texel behind.

Beautiful sailing and looking for a nice sandbar to be able to fall dry.

The water soon disappeared and everyone was able to leave the boat to walk on the seabed!

In the meantime, preparations for a delicious barbecue were in full swing on board.

Skewers were made, salads were prepared and the grill was taken out of its hibernation!


When we were floating again, it went to Den Oever, where we moored in the harbor in the dark.

For some the moment to visit the local harbor pub.

Monday, again such a beautiful day, where there was plenty of sailing!

As a last stop, moored at bird island De Kreupel

[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Kreupel] where we enjoyed our homemade apple pie with ice cream.

Not much later the harbor of Enkhuizen is in sight again, all good things come to an end as they say!

In short ….

A great start to the 2019 season!

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