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The Waddensea

The Wadden Sea (Frisian: Waadsee, German: Wattenmeer, Danish: Vadehavet) is the inland sea between the Wadden Islands and the North Sea on the one hand, and on the other the mainland of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The area extends between Den Helder in the Netherlands and Esbjerg in Denmark. It has a length of 500 km and an average width of 20 km. The area is approximately 10,000 km², of which approximately 7,500 km² tidal area (mud flats and sandbanks), 1,100 km² islands and 350 km² salt marshes and summer polders. The rest consists of fairways.

What makes a trip on board our ships through this area so special?

As soon as you step on board with us, whether this is on the Lotus or on the Waterwolf, you step on board with experienced skippers with an enormous knowledge and passion for this special place!

The love for the ever-changing area, where not one sunrise or sunset is the same, where all elements create surprises every day and for which our ships seem to be made, makes every trip a new adventure.

As mentioned, the area and everything that goes with it, the tides, the weather, the wind, are never the same and so every trip is unique.

This together with the enthusiasm of our skippers ensures that you are on board with us for an amazing [sailing] experience, in which you will certainly learn something if you want, of course may help with sailing and there is room to relax and enjoy all the elements and all the beauty that this wadden region has to offer you.

Why our ships?

Due to the low draft of both ships, we sail the most beautiful routes, through channels that remain inaccessible for other ships. We reach places that you would otherwise never see and of course we will do a dry mooring (if the weather and tide allow it)!

Stearing the ship on a sandbank at lowtide is an unique experience to cherish!

The ship will be sailed against a sandbank and then you will witness how the water drains away. More and more seabed emerges and the landscape changes visibly. Soon you can walk on the seabed and see what the water covers. You can also see how life in this area has adapted to this phenomenon. Maybe you can pick cockles? or mussels? which we rinse and prepare together! We are happy to listen to your wishes, dreams and plans about your journey. Together we will make it an unforgettable adventure!


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