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Sailing ship The Waterwolf

The ‘Waterwolf’ started its existence in 1899 as a two-masted clipper ‘Joma’. She was put under sail again in 1997 with a rig that can be expanded to 1000 m2.

It has become a beautiful fast ship, built on quality of life, privacy, hygiene and safety. The ‘Waterwolf’ is a luxurious and comfortable sailing ship with a classic look. During many competitions the ‘Waterwolf’ has proven to be a winner. She has an extra salon on deck. The spacious kitchen, bathroom and cabins, with at least two meters long beds, guarantee a comfortable stay on board.

Owner / skipper Olaf Busser welcomes you on board and will make every effort to make your stay a success.

The WaterWolf is equipped with 11 double cabins and 1 four-person cabin, all equipped with comfortable beds, washbasins with cold and hot water, excellent central heating and space for your luggage.

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  • Outside control
  • Depth gauge
  • GPS
  • VHF
  • Speedometer
  • Running water
  • Steering wheel
  • Heating
  • Walstroom
  • WiFi
  • Year of construction 1899
  • Length 35.5 m
  • Width 6.25 m
  • Draft 1.40 m
  • Height 29.0 m
  • Ship type: Clipper
  • Rigging: Kits testified
  • Sail area 400 m2
  • Engine type: Detroit
  • Diesel fuel capacity: 3500 l
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Drinking water: 8000 l

Facilities Kitchen

  • Fridge 230 l
  • Freezer 60 l
  • Gas stove 6 pits
  • Oven 120 + 60 l
  • Coffee machine
  • Beer tap
  • Beverage cooling 300 l
  • Mixer
  • Stock space

Waterwolf Facilities

4-person cabin

Comfortable 4-person cabin with two bunk beds and a sink with cold and hot water.

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Waterwolf Facilities

Seating area Waterwolf

Spacious day room with large tables. To have a delicious breakfast in the morning or to drink afterwards.

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Waterwolf Facilities

2-person cabin

Comfortable 2-person cabin with 1 bunk bed and a sink with cold and hot water.

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Waterwolf Facilities

The cockpit on the Waterwolf

Relax on the deck with a drink and a snack.

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Why choose the Waterwolf?


Experienced skipper

Thousands of hours of experience

The captain has thousands of hours of experience. You are in good hands with the team of "De Waterwolf".


Well maintained ship

Classic meets modern

The Waterwolf is an old ship, but in the years it has been transformed into a true modern ship. Only the exterior is still classic.


Excellent facilities

Relax on the Waterwolf

De Waterwolf is equipped with good facilities. In addition to a large living room and kitchen, there are of course wonderful bedrooms.


Great service

The team is always ready for you

Our team is always focused on making your sailing trip as beautiful as possible. If you still have questions or comments, you can always indicate that.