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Sailing ship De Lotus

The Lotus is a Baltic Sea tjalk from 1889, formerly the Lotus sailed under the name ‘Harmina’ with cargo along the coast of the Netherlands and the Baltic Sea. Nowadays she sails as a Lotus and charter ship from Harlingen over the mudflats and the IJsselmeer and she is in Amsterdam in winter, available as a group accommodation.

The Lotus is a good but fast tjalk. Due to the shallow draft and good sailing characteristics an ideal sailing ship for trips on the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. Both the swords, the mainsail but also all traps and shots can be operated with winches. This makes the Lotus suitable for small groups, families and senior travel as well. The Lotus is a tjalk that sails like a yacht with a standard rigging of 300 m2, which guarantees active and spectacular sailing.

On the Lotus, the combination of comfort and sporting rigging makes the fanatical sailor and the holidaymaker feel completely at home. Below deck you will find the spacious day room, which is nicely furnished and equipped with all comforts, you will feel right at home here. The galley is professionally equipped and equipped with large oven, refrigerator, coffee machine and beer tap.

The Lotus is equipped with 8 double cabins and 1 four-person cabin, all equipped with comfortable beds, washbasins with cold and hot water, excellent central heating and space for your luggage.

Safety & Inspections

The Lotus meets all the required inspections and is equipped with fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing blankets, an evacuation plan and suffi- ciently approved lifejackets for all persons on board [including children’s vests]. Skipper and mate are in possession of the right papers and a first aid certificate.

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  • Running water
  • Heating
  • Year of construction1889
  • Length: 24.4 m
  • Width: 5.1 m
  • Ship type: Tjalk
  • Number of 2-person cabins: 8
  • Number of 4-person cabins: 1

Facilities Kitchen

  • Fridge 300 L
  • Freezer
  • Gas stove: 6 pits
  • Oven
  • BBQ
  • Bar
  • Beer tap

Lotus Facilities

2-person cabin

Comfortable double bunk bed. Storage room and sink in the cabin.

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Lotus Facilities

Kitchen with beer tap

Complete kitchen with fridge, freezer, running water, beer tap and gas stove with 6 burners.

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Lotus Facilities

Sitting area

Nice sitting area to have breakfast in the morning or to have a drink after a fun day of sailing

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Lotus Facilities

4-person cabin

2x Comfortable 2-person bunk bed. Storage room and sink in the cabin.

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Why choose the Lotus?


Experienced skipper

Thousands of hours of experience

The captain has thousands of hours of experience. You are in good hands with the team of "The Lotus".


Well maintained ship

Classic meets modern

The Lotus is an old ship, but in the years it has been transformed into a true modern ship. Only the exterior is still classic.


Excellent facilities

Relax on the Lotus

The Lotus is equipped with good facilities. In addition to a large living room and kitchen, there are of course wonderful bedrooms.


Great service

The team is always ready for you

Our team is always focused on making your sailing trip as beautiful as possible. If you still have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.