Help our sailing ships to remain a symbol for the Netherlands

Our fleet of 300 antique sailing ships is in danger of being lost without government support. This is not only a cultural and economic drama, it also harms thousands of local entrepreneurs in and around the Wadden area and the IJsselmeer.

In addition, this threatens to result in the loss of knowledge about how we can maintain our leading role when it comes to nature restoration and conservation.

That’s why we’re in front of Pampus today with 175 ships. That’s almost 50% of all the fleet. With this we ask for awareness of the situation that has arisen due to the corona crisis.

As skippers, we’re modest. That’s why we won’t bother anyone. We do, however, call upon everyone to take the importance of our survival to heart and share it with as many people as possible.

175 Antieke Nederlandse tjalken en klippers voor pampus

We are so much more than commercial tourist boats

We are one of the passionate skippers who, with antique Dutch flat-bottomed boats, let hundreds of thousands of tourists from home and abroad enjoy the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer.

This makes us part of the list of Dutch windmills, clogs, tulips and maritime shipping. But we do so much more for the tourists and this area.


We have an important role in the field of education at home and abroad.

As skippers, we are, as it were, a sailing encyclopaedia that informs people of all ages about the recovery of the Wadden area and the IJsselmeer, as well as having a great time. We’re proud of that.


We facilitate holidays in Holland and support the local entrepreneur and economy.

Tourism in the Wadden area and the IJsselmeer is changing more and more to slow travel. In this form of travel, one enjoys the products and services of local entrepreneurs. This is precisely what we need at this time.


The IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea area is unique in the world. We have a significant role in contributing to the preservation and restoration of these areas with our passion, knowledge and commitment. We want to keep doing that for decades to come.

What can you do to support us?

The necessary support we ask for must come from the government. The last few months have already sunk too deep for that. But you can also contribute. This can be done in the following four ways.

  1. Sign the online petition for more support from the government.
  2. Share this message among friends on Social Media as much as possible.
  3. Book a day or a week away on one of our sailing ships.
  4. A contribution in the form of a donation is always welcome. Every little bit helps. Please contact us to ensure that your contribution is used for the right purposes.
  5. Watch our live streamon

Thanks for your support,

Olaf and Nicci