12 beach bars on the Wadden Islands open all year round

You can get a breath of fresh air all year round in the Netherlands, plenty of beaches to let the wind blow you by on the beach and relax in a trendy beach bar afterwards! Whether you have three children under five who are tearing up the house, a partner who has just retired and needs to be let out or whether you are completely in love and want to look your new lover deep in the eyes, with a wildly rolling sea in the background. Plenty of reasons to visit a cool beach club on one of the Wadden Islands, even in spring and autumn.

By ferry or in style on a sailing ship, set sail for the Dutch Gold Coast, the Wadden Islands. After all, these are not just fun and cosy in the warm summer months. In winter, they have a charm you can’t put your finger on, but where you can certainly intensely enjoy wide beaches just for you. From the sight of the wild dune landscape and tempestuous weather, you automatically feel like hot chocolate and a crackling fire.

Where to find the nicest beach bars?

But then the key question: where to go for the cutest beach bars? Which island do you choose, there were five, right? Yes indeed, and below is a list of all the beach bars open all year round on all the islands. Saves another hour of Googling and you also know how to get to all those islands, how to get to the beach bars and which ones are the best! Coming up:

1.Sustainable beach pavilion Paal 17 on Texel

On Texel’s beach you will find Paal 17, a sustainably built beach pavilion. If when you think of beach tents you think of rickety decking and cheap plastic windbreaks, you will be disappointed here. Paal 17 has a trendy interior with an insane bar with open kitchen as the ‘eye-catcher’. In winter, it always smells good here as the kitchen is transformed into a winter bakery where delicious cakes, waffles, crepes and poffertjes are freshly baked all the time.

Paal 17 Texel

What makes this beach bar unique is not only that it is almost entirely made of glass, but that it also has a floor on top. Here, groups of up to 30 people can enjoy a culinary multi-course dinner, celebrate your own party or brainstorm with a sea view! Reservations can be made via the website.

2. Tasty cocktails at beach club Kaap Noord on Texel

In de Cocksdorp, you’ll find beach bar Kaap Noord. Here you can sip delicious cocktails with your toes in the sand or appease the kids with an ice cream. Chill out in the lounge area overlooking the ferry to Vlieland or dine out of the wind on the terrace at one of the cosy tables. Kaap Noord is located high and dry, so after a spectacular walk through the dunes you will almost automatically stumble inside here!

Kaap Noord at Paal 33 op Texel

3. Landing at pavilion Gestrand on Vlieland

If you move over an island you will arrive on Vlieland, a special island that is perfect for imagining yourself alone on the world while walking in the wildly beautiful dunes here. Nice to know you can warm up again and enjoy a well-deserved snack and drink after such a dune or beach expedition!

Gestrand Vlieland

What makes Gestrand so special is that it is the only beach club on the Wadden side of the island. So if you linger long enough, you will see the tides of the Wadden area changing in front of you like a painting that is still being worked on. All the while you are stranded here enjoying tasty dishes, appetisers and a selection of hot and cold drinks, all equally organic. Enjoy the ultimate year-round holiday feeling here.

4. Year-round welcome at ‘T Badhuys on Vlieland

Whenever you visit the island Vlieland, you will experience a bliss of tranquillity here all year round. Whether you let an authentic sailing ship take you on a day trip or you come by ferry from Harlingen or Terschelling and stay for several days to enjoy. With only one village and its huge wide beaches and rugged dune landscape, it is always a place to enjoy peace and quiet here.

‘t Badhuys Vlieland

If you are ready for a drink, snack, hearty lunch or dinner after a good walk on the beach or a lovely stroll through the dunes, come to ‘t Badhuys. The Netherlands’ first beach pavilion to stay open all year round. You don’t feel anything of that, but of course it is special. Here you can enjoy something tasty from the extensive menu and for the kiddies there is a play corner where they can let off steam while you relax.

5. Enjoy the view at beach club De Branding on Terschelling

Terschelling is sandwiched between Vlieland and Ameland and can be easily reached from the port of Harlingen. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the Wadden Islands can be found here, and what better way to enjoy them than stretched out on a beach bed with a drink in your hand? Right, so for that you can go to the Branding! Located halfway across the island near the village of Midsland, here you can let your children play all year round in Europe’s biggest sandpit, while you enjoy a glass or two from behind glass.

Beach club de Branding Terschelling

6. Ultimate holiday feeling at Paviljoen West aan Zee – Terschelling

For the ultimate holiday feeling, visit West aan zee all year round. Here, you really are in the front row to see the most spectacular sunsets, until the last ray has sunk into the sea behind the horizon. The casual atmosphere here is further emphasised because you can just walk in at any time. Indeed, they do not take reservations. So be sure to take a stroll here while you are busy ticking off the most beautiful beaches around the Wadden Islands from your list! It is the perfect place to warm up and swoon away at romantic skies.

West aan Zee Terschelling

7. Elvis’ own Heartbreak hotel on Terschelling

For Heartbreak hotel, you do have to make a bit of an effort, at least if you are along on a sailing trip, for example, and have to come from the port. Do you have Terschelling to yourself in the off-season and have bombed it as your spot during a Slowtravel getaway? Then don’t skip the Heartbreak hotel!

Heartbreak hotel Terschelling

Located on the far eastern side of the island, it is easily reached by bicycle or local bus. Once inside, experience what an American diner must have looked like in the ’50s and you’ll spontaneously crave a milkshake! How very fitting to look out over an insanely wide and deserted beach populated only by animals in the low season, while Elvis whispers in your ear about his lonely heart.

8. Overlooking Vlieland at De Walvis on Terschelling

On the Groene Strand (Green beach), within walking distance of where the ferry to Terschelling arrives, is beach pavilion De Walvis. In clear weather, you can look out onto Vlieland from the terrace. On a sunny day, the lawn in front is dotted with fellow bon vivants and there is an almost festival-like atmosphere.

De Walvis Terschelling

Even in deep winter, you’ll be warm here on the covered and heated terrace or inside at the bar. Where you can enjoy sweet and savoury snacks, drinks and the particularly cosy décor. The village of West Terschelling is just around the corner where you can shop to your heart’s content, while you don’t need to get up from your lazy chair for a brisk game of beachcombing here at the Walvis.

9. Sheltered enjoyment at Kaap Hoorn on Terschelling

Kaap Hoorn is an unusual beach club because technically it is not on the beach but at the foot of the dune. This makes it a sheltered spot and a real gem, where at other beach bars you arrive with coupe of sea salt and gnashing teeth from the sand, here you sit all shiny on a windless terrace. Fun parties are regularly held at Cape Horn and you can hide away from the world here for a while.

It is also the perfect place to drink your courage to climb the dune or enjoy a well-earned snack, lunch or dinner after the descent! Any excuse to crash here is allowed because that walk up the dune is a breeze but of course the people back home don’t need to know that!

10. Celebrate a special occasion at Zandzeebar on Terschelling

As soon as you conquer the beach entrance at Formerum on Terschelling, you can already see Zandzeebar. With its cheerful azure colour, everyone here imagines themselves in southern climes all year round. In summer, you can surf in front of the door but you can also come here in winter, not for water sports -unless you are a fan of Wim Hof– but definitely to pamper the inner man.

Zandzeebar Terschelling

On the menu you will find comfort food like beach burgers and other tasty and healthy options. What makes this place great is that you can also rent out the whole place, for those who dream of a romantic wedding in Oriental atmospheres or when you want to party on your own private beach!

11. Most sustainable beach pavilion on the Wadden: Sjoerd on Ameland

Before you know it, we have already arrived on Ameland! For those who often sail the Wadden Sea, Ameland is no unfamiliar place! With 27 kilometres of pristine beach, you can have a great time here, and often even in low season. Of course, there is much more to do on Ameland, but however you plan your visit, be sure to pay Sjoerd a visit too, he’ll love it!

Most sustainable beach venture Sjoerd Ameland

Two years ago, they were voted the most sustainable beach club in the Netherlands and they are quite rightly proud of that. The view is not bad here either, want a taste? Then check out the live webcam footage here!

12. Eat fruits de mer at De Marlijn on Schiermonnikoog

The Netherlands’ easternmost island Schiermonnikoog may be the smallest, but a visit short or long is well worth it. At the Marlin, you are in the northernmost beach club in the Netherlands, so one for the books! Here you can not only have a drink, but are welcome all year round for delicious local fruits de mer! It is well worth the sail or crossing from Lauwersoog!

The Marlijn Schiermonnikoog

Sail in style to your favourite beach bars on the Wadden Islands

Already looking for your sunglasses and a good excuse to go island hopping and check out the above beach bars? Great idea, especially if you can make a nice weekend or even midweek out of it. There really is no more fun way than the old Dutch way, namely by sailing ship! Hop on board at the port of Enkhuizen or Harlingen, for example, and be taken there.


Along the way, count the islands and seals and lend a hand on board if you like. Does tidal flat walking dangle somewhere on your bucket list but maybe just not in spring or autumn? No worries with the traditional flat-bottomed boats, you can feel free to park it on a sandbank on your way across the Wadden Sea. At low tide, you can disembark and experience what it is like to walk on the bottom of the sea.

Oyster picking on a tidal flat walk

Pick up some oysters, cockles or mussels along the way and on board, the hostess will open an appropriate bottle if you wish. Little ones are thought of too, they can help the skipper steer, hoist the sails and catch starfish and release them after inspection. In short, with Lotus Sailing’s sailing ships, you will discover your new favourite beach resort in no time!