Hand hygiene on board our sailing ships

Below are our hand hygiene protocols that apply in connection with the Corona measures. Prepared and adapted on the basis of the general guidelines Hand Hygiene Care Institutions by C.F. Youell.


The purpose of this protocol is to prevent infections

Field of application

This protocol applies to all crew members on board.


1. General

such as rings, wristwatches, bracelets and also long sleeves should not be an obstacle to washing/disinfecting the hands properly.

Cover open wounds on the hands or skin damage with a water-repellent plaster or rather firm cleaning gloves.

2. Applying hand hygiene

(only applicable if physical contact is medically necessary)

  • For contact with the customer, in case of necessary medical examination
  • After contact with body fluids
  • After contact with the customer
  • After contact with the customer’s immediate environment

If the hands have already been washed or disinfected just before contact with the customer, this does not have to be done again. Moments 1 and 4 then coincide.

3. Cleaning or disinfection:

Disinfection of non-visible dirty hands with hand alcohol is preferable to
washing hands. Indications for hand washing with soap and water:

  • With visible dirt
  • After visiting the toilet
  • When hands feel sticky
  • After nose blowing and coughing

Do not use hand alcohol after washing hands with soap and water. This is too much of a burden on the hands, and the concentration of alcohol is diluted, making it ineffective.

4. Necessary facilities hand hygiene:

  • Handalcohol in dispenser
  • Hand alcohol in bottle with pump
  • Soap in dispenser
  • Paper towels

5. Technique

Rub technique with hand alcohol. Hands must be thoroughly dry before using alcohol. Follow the steps below:

  1. Apply hand alcohol from the dispenser to dry hands without touching the dispenser spout.
  2. Take enough hand alcohol that the spout of one hand is filled with hand alcohol.
  3. Rub hands carefully for 30 seconds until hands are dry. The fingertips, thumbs and areas between the fingers and wrists should also be thoroughly rubbed

6. Hand hygiene

Aboard sailing passenger ships in case of necessary medical treatment.

A hand alcohol must meet the European standard EN 1500. Hand alcohol is preferably dispensed by means of a dispenser.

Technique washing hands with water and liquid soap:
When hands are visibly dirty they should always be washed.
with soap and water.

  • Open the tap. The temperature should be comfortable for the hands and the water should flow freely.
  • Wet the hands well and apply a layer of liquid soap from the dispenser, without touching the nozzle of the dispenser.
  • Now rub the hands well over each other for 10 seconds. Note that the fingertips, thumbs and areas between the fingers are rubbed well.
  • Rinse hands well.
  • Dry the hands well with a paper towel. Also dry the wrists and skin between the fingers.
  • Close the tap with the elbow or the paper towel.
  • Place the used towel in the appropriate waste bin.

Finally, this:

Lotions and creams: Take care of your hands. Because of the many washes the hands become dry. Use a greasy hand cream from a tube.
Dispensers: Replace the entire supply bottle when a dispenser is empty. Never refill. Clean the dispenser when replacing the reservoir.